Clean Air Day 2019 – how are we helping the environment?

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It’s an inescapable fact: air pollution is dismantling habitats and destroying our planet. You only have to glance at London’s air pollution facts to understand how serious the situation has become…


  • Around half of London’s air pollution is caused by road transport
  • Toxic fumes from vehicles cause health problems and thousands of premature deaths
  • Two million people in the capital are living with illegal pollution levels

Clean Air Day 2019 – pledging our support.

Although the statistics make for stark reading, there’s still hope. Together, we can make a positive change and start reversing the damage. Companies, as well as individuals, have a responsibility to do their bit and pave the way for change. That’s why we decided to take the Air Quality Commitment Pledge when we opened.

Reuse, recycle, repurpose

How we’re making a change

Sustainability and environmental factors have informed what we do since the beginning when we were planning the space. Here’s what we’ve achieved so far:

  • Hiring local contractors, ITC, who used environmentally friendly methods when fitting out the space, i.e. FSE approved timbre and biodegradable coffee cups for employees
  • Supporting circular economy and reducing pollution by using local suppliers
  • Reduced emissions through the installation of efficient LED lighting – with Unified Glare Rating, so it’s also kind to eyes too
  • Using a VRV heating / cooling system that keeps the building at an optimum temperature throughout the day
  • Biophilic design – filling the space with plants
  • On-site bike storage facilities so that people can cycle to work more easily
  • The little things that make a difference, like only using the dishwasher when it’s full!

We always welcome suggestions for how we can be more environmentally conscious, so feel free to share your tips! You’ll find us on Twitter @CreativeW_E17.

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