Cohesion labs is a Brand strategy, design and integration consultancy. We build brands that matter.

Your business and your brand are intrinsically linked through your people, your product and your promise to customers and clients. It should have meaning and a place in each heart and mind.

Through deep questioning and engagement workshops, we find out everything there is to know about you, your business, and your audience to set up your brand for the future.

Once we have realised your key messaging, your purpose and your values, we apply them to your business inside and out.

Cohesion Labs rebuilds your brand environment to where it needs to be, either through an evolution of your existing brand or a total revolution with a new identity built from the ground up.

Outstanding, relevant and compelling brand identities are built with your purpose at the core, that’s where we always start.

We then help you integrate your new mantra throughout your business through policy, decision making and marketing.

We work with established businesses who see the need for significant change, and startups who are in the first few steps of their journey.

To get a free hour brand triage session and to find out more about us, get in touch with Craig at

@cohesionlabs on LinkedIn

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