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3 Members Share Their Memories as Creative Works Turns 2!

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3 Members Share Their Memories as Creative Works Turns 2!

As we approach The Big Two, we’ve asked not two, but three of our lovely members to share their favourite memories of Creative Works so far. Although it’s been a tough year for many of us, we’re looking forward to what next year will bring. 

We’ve already got some exciting things lined up for 2021 and the not-so-terrible-twos. Our 1:1 business programme with Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE is set to resume and we’ll be running workshops on topics ranging from HMRC to how to grow your business.

But for now, let’s look back at some highlights from the last couple of years…

Lara Simpson, Youth Opportunities Coordinator

Joined: July 2020

I came to Creative Works at the end of July 2020, it was the first time I’d ever worked in an office environment. I remember thinking how modern and welcoming the space is; it’s full of creative people and that’s what I like the most. The atmosphere, the vibes: it’s the most laid back office you will ever walk in, everybody feels very much equal and the respect for each-other’s work is incredibly high.

For updates on what’s on in the William Morris ward: @wmbiglocal

Mark Smyth, Architect

Joined: March 2019

I moved to Creative Works in March 2019, and have really enjoyed the (pre-covid) weekly bread deliveries and chats with new friends next to the coffee machines. My fondest memory is baking cupcakes for the summer party together with Emma and Kate – copious red wine, pizza and imprecise measurements delivered some surprisingly delicious cakes!

For architecture & allotment content: @mark_studiobua 

Tom Gaul, Designer & Illustrator

Joined: April 2019

I first joined in Spring ’19 trying to set up a work sanctuary away from an impending baby arrival. Immediately there was a sense of a community but in a focused, calm environment. Great attentive staff making sure the space suited everyone’s needs and a constant flow of fresh coffee was always welcome! I enjoyed the social gatherings, the impromptu pancake days and post work beers that have even led to some work connections (in particular James @ Haptivate who I worked with this year).

My fondest memory was to contribute to creating bespoke tote bags for everyone, it was nice to be considered and the end result was great! 

For drawings and artwork: @tomgaul_doodles