E17 Artist in the Spotlight: Nidzara Horozovic

Nidzara Horozovic’s Light Codes Activation series is a collaboration with Gaia / Mother Earth. In her own words, it “explores the transformations that run through our physical, mental and spiritual experiences that are expressed in symbols of invisible nature.”

Creative Works is excited to be hosting Nidzara’s immersive work on 10 July as part of the E17 Art Trail—pop over between 2pm and 6pm to experience it for yourself! 

Before the pandemic, Nidzara hadn’t engaged with her art for a few years, having taken a break from it to work in a more professional creative environment as a producer. 

Despite not practicing art in the traditional sense, Nidzara continued to develop her spiritual practice. She did this through “travel, yoga and Ayurveda, which is a holistic science. It’s all about herbs, lifestyle and diet, and has different pillars of healing.”

These practices played a significant role in Nidzara’s lifestyle and would eventually have a profound impact on her art.

“It’s about channeling and going into the immersive meditative state of experiencing yourself in a way that defies description, and what society tells you you are,” she explains.

“You want to see what’s hiding behind the mirror, which I think is what life represents. This concept brings us back to where I’m at with my art right now.”

A multidisciplinary approach

When it comes to art and spirituality, Nidzara taps into the energy of different mediums, including movement and sound. Eliminating limitations is also important to her, which is why she decided to move away from practicing yoga.

“I found yoga quite limited after so many years of doing it. It’s beautiful and great in the sense that there are lots of variations, but it’s still within the parameters of ‘this is how you need to do it’. I wanted to have more expressive freedom and playfulness.

“This led me to pursue Ecstatic dance and 5Rhythms, which are very different practices to yoga but still explore body movement. As I went through this journey of discovery, I realised we have a backup memory in our body which is important to communicate and express.”

An example of Nidzara’s previous creative work.

Nidzara has always taken a lot of photographs, but it was during the lockdown that her creative vision really began to take shape.

“One image that really opened up the whole new wave of communication for me was the photograph that I took of the sun and the trees. The grass was high: it somehow seemed to complete the picture and give me the whole story. It was the missing piece of the jigsaw.”

“I realised the things I’d been working on, I could now see all around me. When you meditate, art can take the form of these psychedelic neuro-patterns that enable you to simulate a new way of looking—which is the whole point of art, right?”

After everything clicked into place, Nidzara started to focus more intently on her art. The more she worked, the faster she was able to recognise the messages and signs in her natural surroundings, and as she went through the process of creating an image. 

“Then I started sharing them which is unusual for me because I’m quite shy!

“Before, I’d only share things if I had to, such as in a group setting. But this feels different—it feels like a medicine that’s needed now. I feel like I can communicate something that’s present around us but not necessarily seen by the naked eye. 

“I’m always open to finding out what others can see. The beauty is that what others see in my work won’t necessarily be the same as what I see in it.”

Snapshots from the immersive exhibition.

Light Codes Activation: the process 

People are more aware of how beautiful nature is now, says Nidzara. Perhaps because we have more time for it.

“When I take the photographs I go into nature—either on a meditative walk, if you like, or to practice ecstatic dance. It’s not something I can fully orchestrate; it’s me in collaboration and co-creation with Gaia. 

“There’s a moment that I feel is magical: a connection. That’s when I take the photo. I can’t see it, I can’t tell you straight away: oh, this is the magical moment, take the photo! It’s between me and that moment. Other people will have their own.”

After taking the photo, Nidzara identifies the detail that she’s going to focus on, because “it’s not about the whole photo, it’s about detail in that photo, details you might not notice unless you have a trained eye or a certain knowledge, connection or surrender.”

Now comes the technical bit. Nidzara uses her apps to bring out the colour in a way that emphasises the energy and vibrations emanating from the image. Then she shares it with family, friends, and more recently, the E17 community.

An animation that will form part of the immersive experience. 

Be sure to come along to our event, Connecting Communities, on Saturday 10 July to meet Nidzara in person and take part in her immersive experience. See you soon!


7 Blackhorse Lane, Walthamstow E17 6DS